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Acoustic Ceiling Removal

SprayTech Drywall Contractors specializes in Acoustic Removals.

 Over the past 30 years in business we have perfected the removal process.

Please visit our Acoustic Removal page for more information.

 Acoustic Removals 

Acoustic Removals

A great way to improve your home. SprayTech Drywall Contractors has been removing Acoustic Ceilings since 1987. We have perfected the removal process through our 25 years of experience in the Acoustic Ceiling business.


Step 1: Call SprayTech Drywall Contractors to schedule a free estimate. (909)-981-2400

Step 2: SprayTech Drywall Contractors will come to your home or business to review your project and give you an estimate on the work you need completed.

Step 3: Once you have approved our estimate we will set up a scheduled date that will accomodate you.

Customer Responsibilities. 

A: Remove all nic nacs, breakables & items off top shelves.

B: Remove all antiques & items that may not be replaced.

c: Pre arrange somewhere to keep your pets during the removal process.

D: Be sure to schedule a painter to paint your ceilings after the removal process is competed. Did you know, SprayTech Drywall Contractors can prime & paint your new textured ceilings. For more details ask one our estimators.

Acoustic Removal Process: 

Step 1: SprayTech Drywall Contractors will come to your home or business on the scheduled job date approximate 8:00 am.

Step 2: SprayTech may have to move some furniture into areas that will not be affected by the removal process. We may use your kitchen and baths to store small items.

Step 3: Our crew will extensively mask, cover & protect all areas included in the estimate during the removal process. Floors will be covered with 2 layers of plastic. Walls will be covered with 1 layer of plastic. Lights, chandeliers & beams will be protected with 1 layer of plastic. 

Step 4: Once the home is masked off & protected, we will spray the ceilings with water to loosen the acoustic texture. This process helps to minimize dust and reduces the time to scrape off the old acoustic.

Step 5: SprayTech will refloat all joints & nail strips. We will check for loose joints & retape if necessary. We will prep entire ceiling area to accomodate new finish. We will check for loose fasteners and replace as needed. Note* If ceilings are plaster we will apply a skim coat to the entire ceiling surface.

Step 6: SprayTech will sand & detail ceilings & touch up areas before texture is applied. If ceilings are going to remain smooth then we will brush the ceilings out with a 220 grit sand paper & detail for a smooth finish ready for paint. 

Step 7: SprayTech will apply a texture finish to the ceilings. We offer many different styles of texture. The most popular textures are: Knock Down, Orange Peel & Fog Texture. We also specialize in Custom Hand Textures. If there is a particular texture that we have not mentioned please talk with one of our estimators to see if we can accomodate the finish you would like to have on your new ceilings. In most cases we can match any texture.

Step 8: Once the texture has been applied, we will remove the plastic from the walls, floors, lights etc. We will clean up, haul away all debris and rinse down the front of the home.  

Step 9: SprayTech will apply caulking to all ceiling corners as a final finish to your new textured ceilings.

Note* Some ceilings may need extra work done due to unforeseen conditions. At SprayTech Drywall Contractors we pride ourselfs on quality workmanship & customer satisfaction. If any conditions arise during the removal process we will inform you immediately to resolve any issues to keep the project on schedule.

Please note* Some projects may be completed in 1 day. In most cases we at SprayTech require 2 days to remove & texture ceilings. This allows the applied compounds to dry thoroughly and a complete sanding of ceilings to achieve a quality finish.

If you have any questions, please call us at: (909)-981-2400

Thank you, Mike Escalona

Owner of SprayTech Drywall Contractors


To schedule an estimate, click on the link above. Or you can call us at:


SprayTech Drywall Contractors. Call The Professionals!!!

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